Who do we serve?

Although the locations in which we practice and the techniques we use vary, our main goal is to help each individual patient have the best possible life through the proper use of medications. Our highly skilled consulting team works with each organization, and/or individual, to help provide comprehensive medication therapy reviews, consultations and education based on best practice, "branded" guidelines.

Areas in which we currently consult include:

Independent and Long Term Care Pharmacies

According to the American Pharmacists Association, "the inclusion of medication therapy management (MTM) as a requirement for prescription drug plans in the Medicare Modernization Act of 2003 helped promote the application of pharmacists' clinical expertise in patient care by including payment provisions for pharmacists.

Pharmacists who have implemented services report many benefits, including increased patient satisfaction, improved patient care, and increased professional satisfaction. However, a number of barriers have prevented more widespread MTM implementation. In a recent survey, the most important reason for not implementing these services was lack of time."

"What happens when you outsource your consulting?"

We help pharmacies maximize services while reducing expenses through implementation of branded practices which we have perfected over time. Learn more about our service offerings or contact us now to discuss how our consultants can help you grow your business.



The Senior Care Community

As we age, we become more at risk for medication-related problems due to multiple factors. Physiological changes of aging, an increase in medical/chronic disease conditions, and a greater consumption of prescription and over-the-counter medications all contribute to an increase in risk. It's because of that risk that we, as certified geriatric pharmacists, provide a comprehensive analysis that goes above and beyond typical standards.

Organizations that are using our clinical programs have improved patient health, lowered their costs related to medications, and have stayed in compliance with state and federal regulations. Those senior care organizations include:

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Following our nationally recognized team's therapeutic recommendations, our senior care communities and organizations have led the way in the reduction of antipsychotic medications amongst residents 16.3% vs 44% (a 92% reduction).

Read more about our consulting services, programs and educational practices. Or contact us today about setting up a time to discuss how our consultant pharmacists can help your organization.

Are you in a contract with your Provider Pharmacy? Read about the options you have to improve the care for your patients as well as keep you compliant with state/federal regulations.



Independent Patients

Even those who take just one prescription medication, vitamin or herbal supplement could benefit from a visit with a consultant pharmacist. Understanding how medications interact with each other and our patient's individual system is precisely what we do!

Our consultant pharmacists make sure that our patients’ medications are the safest, most cost effective form of treatment, as well as taken correctly. A pharmacist is thoroughly trained in the art of pharmacology and drug interactions, so it's only fitting that they have the knowledge base to help individuals manage their medication treatments. With so many people visiting different doctors and getting their medications at different pharmacies, it's even more important to have someone looking at the whole picture.

Here are a few questions and resources to help you determine if a meeting with a consultant pharmacist would benefit you. Or contact us now, and we'll set up a time to visit with you.





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