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We have a passion for serving our clients in the most efficient and ethical way possible. Keeping our clients compliant and up to date on all of the industry rules and regulations, is a core element of our consulting service. Our clients are routinely demonstrating the highest level of care for their patients and are frequently recommended as the top choice in the industry. And our individual patients are leading better, more active lives.

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Our highly skilled consulting team works with each organization, and/or individual, to help provide comprehensive medical therapy reviews, consultations and education based on best practice, "branded" guidelines.

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What are our clients saying?

Here are a few examples of what our clients are saying about us. Want to see the overall stats on how CTS consulting services are performing compared to our competitors? Click here.

"Lisa has really opened my eyes to the benefits of drug reduction. Before I heard her talk on psych meds and the abundance of harmful side effects, I felt that if there wasn't a problem, you really didn't need to mess with the resident's medications. She has made me very aware of the benefits of med reduction and we have had a successful program at Community Parkview with her in the lead. I feel she has improved the quality of life of many of our residents. I am honored to work with her." - Penny Hunsberger, Community Parkview Care Center

"I can't believe I didn't know about this service sooner! The pharmacist at CTS spoke with my doctor, decreased the amount of medication I take, saved me money and helped my doctor choose a medication that would help with my constant back and knee pain. I feel great, and I can't help but thank my new pharmacist." - George K, 63 years young

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